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    César Barrio


    Instagram: @cesarbarrio.art

    Dossier Rituales del imaginario

    Dossier Ciudadela-2021

    César Barrio (Oviedo,1971) lives and works in Madrid and Lisbon. He received a degree in architecture from the University of Navarra in 2004 and has given classes and lectures as an invited professor in the schools of architecture of Pamplona, Zaragoza, and Toledo. His latest projects are the installation Quatro paredes de água (2019), in collaboration with AC/E and the Lisbon City Council, and Rituales del imaginario, result of his stay in 2017 at the Espacio Las catedrales de Arantzazu (Arantzazu Gaur Foundation).

    His work is represented in the collections of the University of Navarra, University of Toledo, Savings Bank of Navarra, Arantzazu Gaur Foundation, ETSAUN in Pamplona, Fulbright Association, Fundación Pazo de Montecelo, Biolty, as well as in private collections in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

    You can also find information about César Barrio’s exhibitions in  Rituales del imaginario and Solo aquello que pasa por todas las puertas.

    His latest solo exhibition “Partitura de una catedral sumergida” can be visited between July and October 2022 at the “Cova dels Òrguens” in Castellón.

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