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    Marina Gadea



    Marina Gadea is born in Cadiz, moves to the Levante coast where she studies Documentation and History of Art at the University of Murcia and Valencia. As an artist and scientist, art and science are mutually inclusive for her. It is inspires in nature as the thread of his work, in its forms, its colours, its textures.

    Marina’s blues are the protagonists of her impressive oceanic landscapes.Her work is intuitive, spontaneous, organic, full of nuances, with a excellent technique and an outstanding command of the palette of colours where the result is a great aesthetic work that manages to move.

    Marina Gadea is an ocean explorer at the crossroads of science and art. It documents the beauty of the ocean and the climate change. Travel to remote regions of the world to collect images and inspiration for their work. She dives, takes photographs and creates sketches, working from of these and their memory in the studio. (Text: Patricia Acal).

    “I hope that my works can facilitate an understanding the climate crisis, with this project I want to spreading a message of hope, celebrating the beautiful planet on which we live and inspire others to desire protect it”.”Artists play a key role in the communication of climate change, which is possibly the most important challenge we face as a communityworld. Studies have shown that art can impact on the emotions of the spectators in a way more effective than a trial or a newspaper article catastrophist. Neuroscience tells us that humans take action and make decisions based on emotions by on top of everything else”

    “My career is dedicated to translating and illuminating warnings and statistics from scientists in a accessible that people can connect with, at a level which may be more profound than the scientific facts can penetrate”

    “My works allow viewers to connect emotionally with a place that may never have the opportunity to visit. I choose to convey beauty, rather than devastation”


    The exhibition brings together a selection of works belonging to her latest production (2019-2020) focused on research, initiated in 2016, on oceanic bottom mapping seafarers. Her work shows the scientific observation of the natural phenomena releasing images from their context to extract their essence and redesign them. Science is a way of observing the world and for Marina, “art is a way of explaining it”, the duality of the inspiring and the scientific characterize their work.

    The oceans, occupying more than 70% of the surface of the Land, are the places with less cartographic information, “everything is unknown until it is mapped”. It is in 1977 when geologist Marie Tharp was in charge of developing the first map of the ocean floor resulting in multiple maps that would represent the geographical limits of the ocean floor. Marina’s interest in Tharp’s work is consolidated with such importance that it decides to incorporateas the central point of her artistic work.

    The result of that great work of documentation gave light and colour to the background as well as the works of Gadea, which represent a re-reading of the oceanic world seen from a ontological and poetic perspective.

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