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    Patricia Salinero



    Patricia Salinero, Passionate about my vocation and profession.

    I work as a photographer, as a creative, as an entrepreneurial and artist…!  Everything that has to do with creating, composing, inspiring, and recreating myself with an idea and by executing it give all the best of me, it fascinates me, I give everything until I stay dry until the next project!  Be exhausted by motivation and dedication!

    I started as a freelance photographer in 1997 and I decided to create my studio: Click 10.

    I treated photography as a “form of expression” and selected from my team people from different photographic currents, re-educating the customer’s vision of this new product. My goal was to reflect the true personality of the people we photographed and that allowed us to create quality images that arise from the complicity between the client and the photographer.

    We transmit emotions, reflect feelings and in this way create a spectacular report that transforms into a memory for life.

    In all our reports we were looking for a perfect balance between the artistic and the professional, all the works of our photographers were marked by my vision. Starting in 2003, I introduced all the above elements into studio photography, creating a product line: family reporting.

    We installed a white background in our clients’ house to be able to take some photos there and in some outdoor location. Very neutral styles are chosen to highlight gestures, looks, expressions, smile,  etc. and create  situations that make portraits more natural, which do not result in typical studio photos.  All my vision is divided into the team that forms Click 10, its members who are constantly perfecting and updating, bring experience, knowledge, dedication and affection achieving a final result difficult or almost impossible to match by others. 

    Throughout 2020 I have been working on my personal work than part of my feelings, my values and my inner growth of recent years. “Lights and shadows” a series of paintings in which I mix photography and encaustic painting (ancient technique that is performed with beeswax and Damar resin).

    Part of the work are images taken in Sanlúcar de Barrameda on the beach of La Jara in Cadiz, a special corner for me in which I have lived the most beautiful moments of my life. The tides it has are unique and translate into the lights and shadows that make you connect with yourself, our essence. Its sunsets are magical. Elsewhere in the work I show sketches of encaustic fabrics that are inspired by the lights and shadows that make up our identity.

    In the last part where I have been working I show through the fabrics and paintings that I once again choose our lights and shadows through the moods…  are limited series of five units each of the four models of dresses and three models of coats that finish my collection for now.

    The series inspires joy, generosity, and abundance… are pieces that favor connection with self-confidence. It helps them overcome limitations and achieve our goals. They favor concentration, they help to connect with one’s own being. They attract positive energy.

    I would advise people who begin their careers to feel passionate about what they are going to develop, with great motivation and enthusiasm will go further!

    With my experience I believe in myself, to have firm values, to wake up in the mornings wanting to be better, to give those around me the best of me, to have fresh spirit and to enjoy the fullest what I do and at the moment.  I believe in live calmly and with a soul. I believe in being more bottom than form.  I think more of being what to have…

    I’m worried about today’s society losing values. I advise everyone to stop and look inside and return to our essence!

    Today I can say that I make my life a hobby. I try to put enthusiasm in everything that I embark on, I like to live the present moment and enjoy even a morning bath…

    My real likes, Micaela, Manuela, Miguel, my close friends… my time of loneliness that inspires me to new challenges…

    The most important values of my life the nobility honesty, sensitivity… For me a reference is always that whole person! Jesus Christ!

    It depends on whom success is a different thing.  For me success is the person who lives as he or she always wants, and vibrates with his essence and does not care what they will say…

    The phrase that inspire me and with which I inspire are:

    More me than ever!

    All my life I’ve been learning that the more you grow up it’s stumbling!

    You only get to be happy by coming back and vibrating with our essence!

    From my essence, it’s from where I can create!

    I am my fashion!

    Who doesn’t risk doesn’t win!

    I’m authentically me!

    Perfectly imperfect!

    Learn, unlearn, and relearn!

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    Encaustic Technique

    From Greek ” fire engraving”, it is a painting technique that is characterized using a beeswax and damar resin and pigments to give color.

    The paint must be applied molten on the wooden support, and between each coat of paint heat is applied of a blowtorch. The result is a polish that is made of linen rags.

    It is a technique known and used since Antiquity. Its history dates to the time of the Greeks, who used this medium to paint the hulls of ships to waterproof them. It was then inherited from the Romans, who used mostly on boards. Its use is common until the 6th and 7th centuries, and the Byzantine icons of the Monastery of Santa Catalina on Mount Sinai are examples of this stage. In the 20th century, American painter, sculptor and graphic artist Jasper Johns made encaustics on fabric in works that already  announce  Pop Art; also, the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera also uses this same technique in his work.


    Patricia Salinero_ CONFIDENCIAS 50X70 900
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