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  • Barcelona will have a sculpture by Carme Solé Vendrell

    Barcelona will have a sculpture by Carme Solé Vendrell.

    The work entitled ABRAÇADA, will be inaugurated next Sunday 20 on the International Day of the Rights of the Child. The work is the bronze replica of the terracotta original and depicts a girl hugging a doll. It will form part of the of Can Deu gardens, in the Les Corts district of Barcelona.  

    This sculpture is part of the whole of his work that demands that children’s rights be respected, such as the WHY? Campaign. For years, he has been drawing children whose rights are violated, to give them a voice.

    The opening ceremony will be on November 20 at 11 am, in the gardens of Can Deu, Plaza de la Concordia 13, in Les Corts neighborhood in Barcelona. Don’t miss it!

    We take this opportunity to congratulate her on the Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes that will be awarded on December 1 in Tenerife.

    Abraçada de Carme Solé Vendrell