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  • Olga Sinclair exhibition at Gary Nader Center

    Olga Sinclair, our collaborating artist at Gram Wilhelm participates in the exhibition “A Women of the Diaspora” at Gary Nader Center (Miami) one of the most viewed, remarkable and powerful exhibitions on the occasion of Art Basel 2022 Week.

    Bringing together a multitude and diverse personalities from the art world, prestigious collectors, art critics, artistic celebrities, curators, and art lovers.

    The issue of women in art and society is a very personal concern for Gary Nader, curator of the Women of the Diaspora exhibition and father of three daughters. “I have witnessed so much inequality between genders, particularly in Latin America, where it is even more difficult for women to succeed in all aspects of the profession, culture, or politics, which makes them more motivated to leave their countries in search of better opportunities.”

    The exhibitions will be on view until March 1, 2023.

    For more information, click on art@garynader.com and its website www.garynader.com.

    Photographs provided by Gary Nader Miami Art Basel 2022.

    Olga Sinclair exhibition at Gary Nader Center