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    Orçun Girgin

    Instagram: @orcungirgin_

    web page: orcungirgin.com

    Orçun Girgin found the gateway to a colorful world during his childhood in the coastal town of Bodrum, by the Aegean Sea. His love for art grew as he won some awards in painting competitions from elementary school to high school and throughout his university life.

    Driven by his desire to create, he pursued a career in architecture, but eventually broke free from the constraints of architectural regulations and standardized drawing techniques to immerse himself in the infinite possibilities of the canvas. Leaving behind rigid narrative language, he embraced a fluid, childlike touch to create his own unique artistic style. Using acrylics, pastels, chalk, and markers, he created a vibrant fusion on canvases of various sizes, leaving his mark with an eclectic artistic language.

    Orçun collaborated with young artists from Bodrum in an initiative called “Komünite Bodrum,” where he organized exhibitions as both an architect and an artist. He also exhibited his art to support local businesses in Bodrum.

    Currently based in Barcelona, he continues to produce his works carrying the colorful imprints of his childhood experiences from the other side of the Mediterranean. Inspired by the sea, he seeks to reflect the salty texture of the Mediterranean and the unique patterns of the Aegean on his canvases.

    By infusing his art with the magical world of the sea and nature, he pours his dreams onto the canvases with an array of colors. His art invites viewers on a journey filled with warm summer breezes and the refreshing saltiness of the sea.

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