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    Ignacio de Motta
    Through the Wall

    Ignacio de Motta


    Instagram: @mottapaints

    Ignacio de Motta, artist from Madrid with studies in illustration and graphic design at the school of arts “Arte 10”. After finishing my training, I came out with a new appreciation of the films, comics, and books that I had always loved.

    The theme of my works takes a lot from the lighting and framing of classic cinema, as well as the saturated and bright colours of Pop Art. With the line as the protagonist, my painting focuses on the human figure, as well as in the contained suffering and its loneliness in life. The use of continuous lines and the overlapping glazes allow me to give an organic and a morbid look to the parody of the human being who stars in my scenes.

    I like to work on request, making personalized works for each person. Working in this way has allowed me, I believe, to capture with greater fidelity the personality of everyone in its corresponding picture.

    “Late Night”, the latest collection in which I work, turns around the pain that hides behind the need for fast consumption and pleasure in small doses. Through scenes of the night, bar, and vices, I intend to reflect the passive aggressiveness and frivolity with which pain is treated in today’s society.

    Crying on the Outside_artist_Ignacio de Motta
    Laughing in the Inside_Ignacio de Motta