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    Mercedes Martos

    Mercedes Martos The painting becomes a portrait of the artist.

    I was born in Jaén, where I spent many summers of my childhood, tangling in the unforgettable sea of olive trees.

    I lived in Madrid where I graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the Faculty of Information Sciences, from the Complutense University of Madrid (1984 – 1989), later, to create my first business, I expanded my studies with a Master in Business Administration and Management (MADE) at ICADE (October 1990 – June 1992).

    In this city I continue to forge my professional experience, I think there is never stop… I have an anchor and long curriculum as a graphic, digital, and audio-visual designer. My fundamental work focuses on CREATING communication elements, facing the blank screen with the mouse, to offer my services to companies such as:

    Amnesty International (NGO), Anaya (Editorial), Clínica Ruber (Hospital), Condor Vacaciones (Travel Wholesaler), Consejería de educación para jóvenes (Comunidad de Madrid), Crab ediciones (Producciones musicales), Ecovidrio (Reciclado de vidrio), 061 (Urgencias), McGraw-Hill (Editorial), Procter & Gamble España (multinational), Los Pilares Editorial…

    Currently I have decided to complement my “digital” communication tool, my Mac, with my “analogue” one, the blank canvas and the paintbrush. I have given free rein to my love for painting and have become self-taught in the techniques of oil, acrylic and watercolour, although the latter has won my heart.

    I am a self-taught artist, I nourish myself with books, videos, with all the teachers who appear on my way, and I am working to create my own style, to be identified without looking at the signature, to find my own voice.

    I’m passionate about art, since I was very young I understood that art is my life, I would always dedicate myself to it in one way or another; but earning a living is another profession, today I have opted for WATERCOLOUR, I love the fact that in it you can let paper, water, pigment or pincel enter your particular world and live a magical symbiosis until you create your works, it is accident and intention, irrational and logical, powerful and delicate.

    Art is my life, and painting is my journey. I’m always looking for this “perfect watercolour”. I paint because I love to paint and I want to do the best I can; not to compete with others, but just hope that the painting I make tomorrow will be better than today.

    I embrace the words of the Chinese-American master CHENG-KHEE CHEE with enthusiasm, perseverance and humility.

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