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  • Trajectory Olga Sinclair

    Olga Sinclair
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    Trajectory Olga Sinclair

    In her extensive trajectory, Olga Sinclair, which has lived on 3 continents, has received several national and international awards, tributes, and recognitions for her artistic and social work. She is a member of a variety of national foundations and councils for Panamanian society and the environment.

    Since 2014 she has been Cultural Ambassador of the Government of the Republic of Panama.  

    She recently received the Ibero-American Award for Arts and Letters from the Carlos III Foundation in Madrid and the Honorary Doctorate from the Caribbean University in Panama.

    Panamanian painter Olga Sinclair was awarded, during the first Forum Forbes of Powerful Women in Panama, with the Magazine Forbes Award 2016, for her artistic career, her work promoting arts and culture inside and outside the country.

    Her works have toured several continents, including Asia, America and Europe, in more than 50 individual exhibitions; which it is worth highlighting her retrospective in the Palazzo de Medici Ricardi (Florence), the   Royal National Gallery (Amann), the House of America (Madrid) and MuVIM (Valencia), simultaneously participating in more than two hundred collective exhibitions in several cities of the three continents. The last one, in December 2020 in the collective exhibition of the Carlos Amberes Foundation in the 2nd Edition-Contemporary Art Fair ARTIST Madrid.

    Her last solo exhibition was “La alegria de pintar” at the Fundación Antonio Pérez, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Cuenca completed in September 2021.

    From December 16 to February 20, 2022, it was possible to visit Olga’s new exhibition “Color and Hope” in the Josep Uclés room at the El Carme Cultural Center on Francesc Layret Street, 78-82, in the city of Badalona.

    If you are interested in getting to know her work better, you can visit this virtual tour of one of her last exhibitions in Valencia.

    Trajectory Olga Sinclair