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    Gram Wilhelm attends the opening at The Westin Palace of the exhibition “Pablo Picasso, últimas fotos, visto por Edward Quinn“, in the Hotel’s Museum Bar.

    The exhibition that can be visited until May 4 is composed of about thirty works that allow us to “enter the most private and most intimate life” of what has been one of the most important figures of contemporary art, the Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

    Edward Quinn has been well known for his photographs of movie stars. Quinn met Picasso at a vernissage in Vallauris in 1951. Unlike other professional photographers who took photos of the event and the artist, Quinn waited until the end of the event to photograph Picasso with his children.

    As a result of his work, some photographs emerged that surprised and pleased Picasso very much. The consequence was that, for the next twenty years, he invited the photographer to his home and even to trips and to the beach.

    In this way, Quinn had the opportunity to capture with his camera images of the most unpublished Picasso.

    exposición Picasso últimas fotos