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  • Visit of the “Urban Sketchers”

    Visit of the "Urban Sketchers  at the exhibition The guardians of Timbuktu
    Visit of the "Urban Sketchers"_les guardianes de Tombuctú_ 5
    Visit of the "Urban Sketchers"s_les guardianes de Tombuctú_ 1

    Last Thursday, November 12, at the exhibition The guardians of Timbuktu, they had the visit of “Urban Sketchers”, a collective group of artist from all over the world who draw the cities where they live and the places where they travel. The painter Irene López de Castro received them virtually.

    You can view images of the event at “Reial Cercle Artístic” of Barcelona.

    visita urban sketchers_ les guardianes de Tombuctú_2
    Visit of the "Urban Sketchers"_ les guardianes de Tombuctú_6