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  • New Member of the Gram Family: Chantier Art Gallery!

    Chantier Art Gallery, the newest member of the Gram family, has opened its doors at 36 Manuel de Falla Street.

    The opening event saw the presence of numerous guests, including the CEO of Gram Group companies, Guillermo Muñoz, and the Executive Director of Gram Wilhelm, Ascensión Martos, who welcomed Chantier Art Gallery’s co-founder, Orçun Girgin.

    The gallery’s inaugural exhibition features works by collaborating artists of Gram Wilhelm such as Olga Sinclair, Duvan López, Irene López De Castro, Cándido Monge, Mercedes Martos, as well as pieces by Orçun Girgin, Hulya Ozdemir, Burcu Toral, renowned international artists.

    The word ‘Chantier‘ means ‘Construction Site’, and in this context, we can say that this new project brings together art with a multidisciplinary perspective. The gallery aims to offer an enriching artistic experience by uniting different currents and cultures.